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Green Construction ... Not Just a Color

"Shades of green" have been (in years past) the color of the year.  But the "green" addressed here is the idea of an earth friendly approach to your construction project.  As a consumer, you have choices to make when it comes to your stance on green materials or vendors to use when building or renovating.

Materials With Recycled Content: Many manufacturers are offering material options that contain a certain percentage of recycled content.  Carpeting, countertops, flooring are just a few.  There is typically information directly from your local resource or supplier as to whether the recycled content is pre or post-consumer and the overall percentage the product contained.

Earth Friendly Chemical Makeup: Water based finishes, formaldehyde free are buzz words in the construction industry.  These materials are being promoted as less toxic to your air quality with off gassing a minimum.  These products were originally developed geared towards the hypoallergenic consumer,…

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